Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Something is VERY Wrong Here...Part 3

There is also of course the issue of vaccines, which I am obviously passionate about due to our experiences. Many parents say "I was vaccinated & I turned out fine" and use this logic as justification for following the current United States Vaccine schedule with their children. I would like to make a few observations here that I feel bear repeating over and over again until somehow this sinks in. I truly think that well-meaning and loving parents are being duped. I think well-meaning & hard working doctors are being duped. The money trail from Drug companies to med schools, the CDC, & the AAP is too long and sordid to even begin to sort out. But here is an article that at least makes an effort. Doubtless, money clouds the judgement of even the most ethical souls. SO, here are those observations. You draw the conclusions for yourself.

a Video worth watching.


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Tracey said...

This post is very informative. I love the video, pretty much sums things up and I sent it to some of my friends. Unfortunately they all think I have lost it since I quit vaccinating. It is so hard to reach people unless they are living with vaccine damage and then of coarse it is too late. Great post, hope you can reach people with it.