Monday, July 27, 2009

A Quick Update on Us

We are presently potty training. We have tried several times since the kids were 18 months old with zero success. We started yesterday and stayed inside all day and spent much of the day with the kids on the potty. We had a LOT of screaming, peeing and even pooping in the floor. Brandon and I were just spent but laughing at all of it. You can laugh or cry and we try to laugh as much as possible. Finally, something clicked and both Braylen and Kynsie peed in the potty 3 or 4 times each yesterday!! Kyan, we discovered just isn't ready, so he is back in diapers, which is ok. We are not going to push. Don't want to scar him for life. He's already sad that he isn't 'part of' the potty training, but he just couldn't relax enough to go, even after 4 cups of juice and water and almost 2 hours on the potty. He was pitiful. So, anyway. Today Barbara is with them, and she had much of the same this morning with pee and poop in the floor and then both Braylen and Kynsie had a couple of successes before nap. So we are making progress. It's so cute to see them in their big kid underpants. I am used to those bulky diapers. Too cute. Hopefully we will continue to make progress. Will keep you all posted!

Sunny :)


Liz said...

Good for you guys! I bet all three will surprise you and be potty trained before ya know it!

Mindy said...

Hooray for little successes! Maybe once Kynsie & Braylen are trained Kyan will follow their lead.