Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy 4th of July!

We had a fun 4th of July Holiday for the most part. I will get to the 'most part' later. For now, let's just look at fun pictures!

I thought it would be a great idea to get the kids a slip 'n' slide to play on. Unfortunately, it freaked them out a bit. In my infinite wisdom, I decided to show them just how it's done. Brandon is VERY sad that he did not have a video camera at the time. I ran (with great form-he says) and dove, as opposed to squatting and sliding. Long story short I hit the ground HARD and slid to the end. I yelped in pain and limped away. The kids were saying "Mommy. Are you okay?" I hobbled into the house and retrieved a Down Home Punch and then retreated to my white plastic chair where I sat and ached. Demonstration over. :)
Here's Braylen in action!

Kyan didn't like the slip 'n' slide, but this is a great picture of him. Kynsie wouldn't get near it.

Braylen Cheesing.

Braylen giving Sis hugs.

Daddy getting in on the action. He will kill me for this. The kids LOVED it!
Boys being sweet.

we moved the big climber up to the pool so the kids would have a bigger slide. they LOVED it!

On the domestic front...Brandon and I went to the fruit and berry patch, and picked 6 lbs of blackberries Friday night. The kids played at Patty's house (right down the road) while we picked. It was very peaceful and fun. Plus the kiddos had a great time playing outside until 9:30pm Patty & Wayne's big yard. Today I made my very first jelly ever. Blackberry jelly was a bit difficult for the first try, but hopefully it will taste OK.

I'm hoping to work on pickles tomorrow.

Here's photographic evidence that I do try very hard to feed my children well. Note- the lovely organic salads that I made for the kids for dinner with GFCF salad dressing. Kyan and Kynsie wouldn't even try it. Braylen on the other hand LOVED the the point that he ate everyone's lettuce-but no cucumbers, tomato, or carrots. :( I did convince him yesterday to eat a hummus and cucumber sandwich. He liked it. The other 2, of course would not try it.
Finally--Braylen is a herder and a collector of things, namely animals. Here's a picture of the collection that he normally sleeps with. So funny. He says "Come on friends. Let's go night-night."

So back to the for the most part of our holiday. On our way home from Patty & Wayne's house Friday night, Brandon and I were hungry because we hadn't eaten dinner. So we made a 'quick' run to the McDonald's drive-thru. We got there and were 6 cars back. As the car ahead of us moved, brando took his foot off the break, and the van missed a little. Each time we rolled forward, this got worse. And finally when we got to the window and rolled our window down, the van was making a funny noise. We planned to try to just get home and get it checked out as there had been no problems or warnings until that moment. Well, we didn't even make it to the interstate before realizing that the car wouldn't shift into gear and wouldn't accelerate. We pulled into a gas station parking lot and called Patty. She got there around 10:30 and Brandon moved all 3 monster Britax car seats into her Honda CRV. Then he and I piled into the front seat. It was an interesting ride. As we pulled onto our exit, Braylen mentioned the garage door, which he is a bit neurotic about, and we realized that we forgot the garage door opener. SO...we had to make a pit stop at Barbara's house to get a key to our house. We finally got the kids in bed sometime after 11pm. Jerry went to check it out Saturday and shared with us that the transmission is shot. He also got a second opinion from a guy at the auto parts store who happens to work on transmissions for his day job. So---the long and short is that we now have to buy a van.
As if that weren't enough, the coil in our A/C unit downstairs went out and had to be replaced today. AWESOME. At least it's cool in here now.
As if that weren't enough, Brandon just discovered that he left his GPS turned on and his battery in his car is dead. Good times!
Nevertheless, we had a good July 4th. We are grateful to live in America. We celebrated her birthday with our friend Kelly who is also a July 4th baby. I didn't take pictures, but she did, so I will try to post them here. The kids LOVE their Keah-yeee and sang happy birthday to her. So cute. That's all for now. Will let you know when we find a car. Until then I will be driving my Dad's big white truck. Thankfully, all 3 car seats fit.


Mindy said...

Oh, man. Sorry about the vehicle trouble. Is it too expensive to replace the transmission on the van?
Go you on making blackberry jelly. That's awesome.
We got Wesley a slip n' slide last week. Luckily he didn't need a demonstration from us or I probably would have some version of your story to tell, too. :)

Heather said...

We have a SlipNSlide, too, and our 4 year old doesn't like it either. Not the normal way, anyway. Instead, we put our slide on the slip n slide in the middle. Now she slides down the slide like normal and slides down the plastic to the end. She loves it! Since your kiddos like sliding into their pool so much, maybe that would work on your slip n slide as well. Oh, and our daughter doesn't like the water very high so we turn it way down, just enough to keep the slip n slide wet.