Friday, July 31, 2009

H1N1 Flu Vaccine Controversy--Contact Your Senators

H1N1--also known as swine flu is frightening. I know that people have died from it, and it's new and a mutated virus, and people tend to fear what we don't know. Not to mention, the news media and CDC is great at making us believe that we are all going to die at any given moment. Considering that people now get quarantined for chicken pox, it's no wonder that people are freaking. And riding on their big white horses, or should I say cash cow?--big pharma comes rushing in with a slapped together vaccine containing God only knows what, that we are ALL to pump into our children immediately or face eminent death. This reads like a modern action flick. Ridiculous if you ask me. Well up until today, I had given this whole deal little thought because I have no intention of vaccinating my kids for H1N1 or anything else for that matter anytime soon. Well, a friend sent me a link from Dr. Bob Sears. He's the son of the famous Dr. William Sears. He has written a Vaccine Book that is pretty popular. In my opinion his alternative vaccine schedule is a bit liberal, but it is head and shoulders above the current mainstream schedule in the U.S.A. At any rate, my point is that Dr. Sears is more mainstream than not, though he admits that there are still a lot of questions that remain unanswered in regards to vaccines and their link with autism among other things. So, without further adieu, here's the link from Dr. Bob Sears blog post on this subject. It is incredibly disturbing, and requires action on the part of parents who want to make medical choices for their children, rather than have them mandated at the government level.

My response to reading Dr. Sears' blog post was to write both of my Senators (TN-Corker & Alexander) the following letter.

Senator Alexander,
As the fall looms, and the hype regarding H1N1 flu gains momentum, I am becoming more disturbed about the possibility of our government requiring these vaccinations for all children, and making this mandatory to the point that children will be removed from homes if parents do not give this vaccine. My triplets have medical exemptions from vaccines currently, due to a history of reactions to vaccines, but I want to be sure that my rights as their parent, to protect them remains in tact. Please see this article written by respected physician Dr. Bob Sears on this subject. 7/h1n1-flu-vaccine-is-on-its-way-what.asp God gave us bodies that fight disease. I am all for allopathic medicine when necessary, but I am not for vaccinating for every sniffle and sneeze that comes down the pike 'just in case'. Please vote NO if a bill comes to you suggesting these vaccines be mandatory. That is a decision for parents & physicians, not government officials and drug companies.


Sunny Hall

PLEASE feel free to copy and paste this letter and send it to your senators. Of course and original letter from you, a concerned parent is much preferred, but if you don't have time or don't know what to say, plagiarize mine. I think it is really important that we speak out in mass about this now. I personally am not interested in moving to Canada or Europe, but that will happen before someone will force vaccinate my child. So, not sure who to write or call? Here's a directory of Senators. Just select your state and yours will pop up.


Tracey said...

I will contact my senator. All of this scares the heck out of me. I am about to file for my first vaccine exemption for school. We have an MMR due. Forced vaccination scares the heck out of me.

Hilary said...

As a member of the highest risk group (pregnant women), taking an untested shot scares me. What kind of risk does it pose to the fetus? Less than getting the virus? How can they know. Luckily I won't be pregnant when the vaccine comes out so I won't have to make that decision. Thanks for posting the link to that blog post.