Friday, July 24, 2009


Sorry for the delay. Brandon's laptop died right after the last post and I am just now getting a chance to post. Brandon left Orlando Tuesday and flew to Ohio for a business meeting. Dustin had flown home Sunday, so Mom & Dad, Suzanne, Me and all 5 kids hit the road. we made the trip in a little over 12 hours, and all of us were wiped out. I am happy to report that we made it through the trip with no illnesses which is a huge testiment to the childrens' improved immune systems. Today Braylen was diagnosed with swimmer's ear, but that is mainly because we forgot to use the drying ear drops after spending time in the pool each day. I am amazed and grateful. So--now that you know the scoop, here are the pictures....
Kynsie & Braylen hugging (attacking) Chip or Dale (?) at dinner. Kynsie insisted on calling both of them Chippo all night. Hillarious!
Hugging Pluto. Kynsie called him Doodle (loudly) every time she saw him. We just cracked up. It was so cute and she was SUPER excited. Kyan was not too sure about the characters so he stayed in his seat next to Daddy.

Dancing with Doodle



Disney Food for special diets ROCKS! I can not say enough about this. I will probably dedicate a specific post for this subject. We are Disney World fans forever!

Kyan enjoying a tapioca dinner roll

Braylen eating his first ever popsicle! Loaded with sugar, artifical flavor and food dyes, but no gluten or casein, so we gave it a whirl. He loved it until he took a MONSTER bite and got bad brain freeze.

Sis liked hers too, though she was less enthusiastic than Braylen.

Braylen "riding the horses". He LOVED the carousel. We rode it 3 times!

Sis on the carousel This little guy was an angel all week! Riding the Carousel

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