Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sometimes You Can Buy Happiness

And today is only cost me $13.10 at Toys R Us. (The plastic pools are on sale. We already had the slide)
This is my favorite picture from today. Pure 3-year-old bliss!

Braylen liked to do this swan dive stance and then try to do a 'spank the baby' (diving board lingo) on the slide. But he kept saying--"hurt the bottom, mommy". So I kindly suggested he not do it again-to no avail.
Braylen head first. poor Sissy. The whole thing made her nevous. See her here biting her nails and contemplating.

Kyan's game face

Braylen tried to rush the line along with a gentle (or not so gentle push)

Good times! I LOVE summer!

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Mindy said...

Do you remember the pool you got for Wesley at the house on S. McCombs?
That looks like a lot of fun.