Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Pool Time Fun!

Braylen LOVES animals. He also loves Weebles, Little People, just about any small critter or person. At the pool he enjoys lining them all up, studying each one and talking to them. "Come on friends. Let's go play". I shouls let you know that he sleeps with no fewer than 8 little 'friends' every night. Last night was Weebles. He had to make sure he had "bear weeble & soldier weeble, & Goldy (goldilocks) weeble. So cute. Quirky, but very cute.

Haleigh playing with Kynsie
Sis playing with Mr. Jerry

Kyan's turn

Kyan the Fish
Sis (pre-haircut) on the Walrus with Haleigh helping

Braylen, Ky & Andreww Helping
trying to convince Mr. Jerry (Barb's hubby) to make the walrus bounce. I am trying to upload the video of this in action but it hasn't worked so far. Will keep trying.

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Tracey said...

Your kids are so adorable. Love the new haircuts too! Got to catch up on all your good posts and info. Reading your blog encourage me. I attended the DAN! conference here in OKC this past weekend. It was really great!
Your garden look awesome, congrats on all those yummy veggies!
Hope you are having a great summer!