Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I HATE Yeast!

Quick update. Kyan's yeast has come roaring back with a vengeance. The upside is that it is likely because of viral and/or bacterial die off. The bad news is his diaper area looks like he has been scalded. I would post a picture but I am pretty sure showing his baby bits online is illegal. He keeps telling me that his toodle (code for penis) hurts. :( It is SO pitiful. We took him to our new pediatrician (I LOVE him) and he confirmed that this is a yeast infection. We tried an even more potent topical cream but it seemed to really hurt him. So now we wait for the bloodwork orders to see if his liver is ok. If so, on to an even stronger anti-fungal by mouth. Poor guy. He has also regressed to veing very OCD and having a hard time regrouping. He is also not napping. All of those things are symptoms of yeast. YUCK.

So--we wait. In the mean time, I ordered Kyan a special diaper cream from a compounding pharmacy, and he can only wear paper diapers. Just 10 minutes in a cloth diaper and the moisture is too much. Yeast flares even worse. :( So sad. Surely we will get this right eventually. Did I mention that I hate yeast?

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All About the Bailey's said...

so sorry to hear that for your little guy...hope he gets to feeling better.