Friday, May 08, 2009

Jenny McCarthy on the Doctors

Dr. Stork got his pride hurt. He was embarassed on national television because he opened his mouth and spouted off about something he clearly knows little about. Poor thing. *sniff* It must be hard to have such a tough life.

J.B. Handley--co-founder of Generation Rescue yells at him. He says exactly what I want to SCREAM at doctors today! I was cheering the whole time! (thanks for sending this to me Melissa)

Here's the link to the clip.

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Tracey said...

JB's passion came through. More and more children are being hurt every day. It is no wonder he fired back with the fact that vaccines have not been studied enough. People feel passionately about children who are being hurt. I think about my babies who will struggle lifelong because someone did not take the time to really look at vaccines and the toxins in them. God bless GR and the people to who continue to fight for children.