Saturday, May 16, 2009

Cute Videos

As you may know, Pops & Cindy got the kids a trampoline for their 3rd birthday. It was seriously the best present anyone could have bought them. THEY LOVE IT! Well, a few weeks ago, Brandon let them jump with big balls on the trampoline. I insisted that it was not safe. He argued with me, so I surrendered. We have created a monster--3 of them actually. They LOVE flipping over the balls. We only have 2 so they fight over them and Sissy always loses. No MORE. Grandad observed this in action this week and promptly went to Target and bought her a big green ball. She hasn't gotten it yet, but boy will she be happy. Here's a video of the flipping. Scares the patooty out of me but they LOVE it!

Braylen and Sissy love to wear cowboy boots. We have 2 pair and they wear them as much as they can. Recently they have started wearing them, holding hands and running (Braylen dragging Kynsie) through the house. Here's a video.

Kynsie saying "hi" to Mamaw & Papaw. So sweet.

Finally, the kids have started this snuggling thing when they are on the trampoline. You can tell it is a game for them, but it just reminds me of how bonded they are as triplets.


All About the Bailey's said...

So sweet.

Mindy said...

The balls scare me, too, but it looks like they're having lots of fun.
The snuggling is SO CUTE!