Saturday, April 11, 2009

Project: Clean House

So, some of you know this, but few of you have actually SEEN it. Our house is a WRECK! It is soooo bad that I have applied for some of those Clean Sweep, Clean House, etc shows. I am perfectly willing to show our nasty house on national television if that means we get some relief.

BUT--I am so over it that I have formulated a plan in hopes that we can get this thing under control on our own. I have issued the following challenge to my husband. Our house and the rooms/stuff in it has been evenly divded and we are assigned tasks. Whoever gets their tasks done first will get $100 to do whatever we want with.

Sunny's List
Kids' Clothes
Sunny's Clothes
Office & Office Closet-get room ready for Kynsie
Downstairs Bathroom & Closet
Kitchen, Kitchen Pantry
Foyer Closet
Master Closet

Brandon's List
Kids' Toys
Brandon's Clothes
Playroom Closet
Bills & Paperwork
Laundry Room
We did our first round of intense work last night. Barb took all 3 kiddos for an overnight since school is out today. I tackled my clothes and the Master Closet. Brandon sorted toys and brought all of them upstairs to the playroom so that our downstairs actually resembles a livingroom/dining room area. Brandon also began sorting and shredding the 8000 lbs of paperwork. I loaded up 3 boxes and 1 large shopping bag and hauled it off to Goodwill this morning.
We were so anxious to jump in that we both forgot to take the before pictures, but rest assured we will take them for the rest of our endeavours. I should be too embarassed to post them, but I think we will survive it. I will try to post some pictures as we go. This will be a lengthy process. It's awful right now! Wish us luck!

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