Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Newest Hero! Part 1

Here's his bio. The reason he is my new hero is because in September he spoke to the Florida Autism task force, and by sharing his research and information, is helping shape the Florida law. The bill is no. 242. You can find details about it here. If you live in Florida, please contact your state representatives and ask them to support this bill. As of now, things are looking positive for this bill to pass in May.
A brief explanation of this bill is that it will provide parents a supportive, and safer system in which to get their children vaccinated.
It will be illegal for vaccines with more than .1 micrograms per milliliter of thimerisol to be transported, bought, sold, or administered in the state of FL. So all of that backstock sitting on doctors's shelves that do not meet this requirements must legally be disposed of.
The FL vaccine schedule will be spread out over several months. This will mean that parents will have to bring children in to the doctor more often but that inconvenience will be well worth it for the safety of children.
In addition, this law gives parents the right to choose an alternative vaccine schedule for their child, or to refuse vaccinations by signing a form. Law will require that all physicians allow this in their practice. NO MORE FIRING PATIENTS!
Physicians will also be REQUIRED to actually offer INFORMED CONSENT. This means, physicians will be required by law to disclose known and statistical risks for each vaccine and explain it to parents BEFORE giving a shot. They must also explain to parents how to report an adverse event to VAERS. Currently parents are given consent forms, but there is a difference in being told to sign a form, and being taught about possible complications with a medicine and then asked to sign your name saying that you understand the risks but want the shot any way.
Physicians will be required by law to keep a permanent record of the lot number of each vaccine given to a child.
In my part 2, I will post Dr. Berger's vaccine schedule recommendation.
*VERY EXCITING* Dr. Berger has been contacted by a representative in New York about writing a similar bill for their state. I hope this is a sign of things to come. Write your state representatives and tell them to check into FL bill 242.

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