Monday, January 19, 2009

More Pics and hopefully video

Here are some more pics from Mamaw and Papaws house. I hope to have some video of random things and also some singing and some dancing to come as well...and also a surprise video of a "guitar hero"

Kynsie - "why are you taking my picture dad?"
Braylen on Uncle Jonathan's tricycle (or as he calls him Unca Johnson)
Kyan preparing to run down the ramp outside

is he cute or what?

say CHEESE!!!!!

Mamaw and Kyan reading (one of my favorite pics)

Mommy trying to get a boogie!!!
Watching the Wiggles...note the pink shoe...just another one of his outfits!!!

Dance, Dance
Rockstar!!!!!! (note two guitars in back. one is an authenic Dukes of Hazzard guitar from 1981)
Playing with brother's shoe
Santa Claus and Reindeer clothes pins can be hours of fun...who knew?
Cowboy boots on....

"hmmm...what can I get into?"
and lastly (for FAVORITE shot from in MS)
Comin to the rescue!!!!

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