Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hello Friends

So, I have a confession to make. I recently added a counter to our blog out of curiosity. I just wanted to see how many people drop by to check in on us. I expected 2 or 3 per week maybe. Well, it has been up a couple of weeks and is sneaking up on 700 hits. Yikes! I know that grandparents probably account for several of those hits b/c you guys stop in pretty faithfully hoping for new pictures of the kiddos, but I am guessing there are some other folks out there too that I didn't know about before.

So, cool, right? Well, not really. I suddenly found myself with stage fright. And I felt pressured to come up with something profound to say, since people are actually stopping by. Well, I have nothing profound, but at this rate, if I don't post something, I will continue to feel anxious, and well, it will be a vicious cycle of non-posting for fear that said post will somehow be disappointing to those of you who check in on us.

So is this a post about posting, you ask. Yeah, kinda. But I also have some quick updates on us.

Kiddos laid out of school today. Braylen has a runny nose and cough, and isn't sleeping well, so he really didn't need to go. K & K could have gone, but taking 2 to school and then bringing one back home is a recipe for disaster. Evidently I am not nearly as cool and exciting as school. Had I brought him back after leaving his sibs at school, Braylen would have kicked and screamed the whole way home, and frankly, I wasn't up to it this morning.

In other news, it seems that I overdosed Braylen on Mucinex not once but apparently 4 times in the last 2 days. Thankfully he is alive and well, and we haven't been to the E.R., but I am definitely not getting any Mommy of the Year awards for this one. Holy crap! I didn't just slightly give him too much, I gave him double what he is supposed to have...4 times! No wonder his nose was a geiser for the last 2 days. So, after I realized my mistake, I had a small panic attack. I laid in the bed hoping he was breathing, checked on him a bunch and then finally around 1am this morning, just went and got him and put him in my bed. It is important to note that I had actually given the over doses the morning and night before and then again yesterday morning and before nap. So really, we were most likely in the clear, but I still felt better with him snuggled up to me. So we are all alive, and in case you wondered, Mucinex dose for 3 year olds at 30lbs is 2.5ml, not 5ml.


Lucco Girls said...

No worries about not getting mom of the year award. Truth be told I'm sure many of us moms make huge mistakes...we just don't tell anyone. I had to call poison control week 1 that my girls were home from the hospital. I gave one of them a double dose of acid reflux meds (and to top it off...I couldn't be sure which one got the double dose!). The important thing is that they all lived through it! Now if we can manage a way to let them live through their teenage years we'll be up for that award for sure! Keep up the posts...I stop by often - just don't comment much!

mandychitchat said...

what Mommy hasn't accidently overdosed their child on something like Mucinex? Well, maybe I am the only one out there that has done it, too. But either way - you still get the Mommy of the Year Award in my book!