Saturday, November 15, 2008

Logistical update

Well, life with us is never boring, that is for sure. As far as we know, beginning December 1, all 3 kiddos will be changing preschools. K & K will be getting special ed schooling and B will be in a mainstream preschool. I have turned in my notice to my current landlord at my store. I am to be out with the store cleaned by December 1. She was very nice about it, but still I'm sure that is not convenient for her either.

So now, I have to find a new place for the store and get myself moved in by December 1. If December were not shopping season's biggest month, I would consider re-opening in January, but that simply won't work. Anyone have a magic wand handy?

So, there are several options, some of them really nice ones (market is hurting) , so please pray that I choose the right space. This move was the last thing on my mind, so I am really having to move quickly and decisively. I just want to be sure I don't overextend myself.

Please say prayers that I will get into the right place. So far, B's preschool has worked out and it appears that everything with K & K is going to work out too. So now we are down to my store. I know it will be ok, but I am feeling the pressure.



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