Monday, June 16, 2008

Beach Pics & Other FUN!

Eating out at a restaurant in North Myrtle Beach

Running to the Beach!

Kyan LOVED it!

Sissy did not. Grammy to the rescue!

Braylen loved the tidal pools but the waves freaked him out.

Playing at the park in North Myrtle Beach

Sissy loved the kids chairs at the condo

Sis sporting Mommy's Sunglasses!

Braylen wearing Daddy's glasses

Mommy & B taking a rest

Kyan loves his sunbutter (like peanutbutter but made from sunflwoer seeds. Gross, really. But they love it!

More playing at the park

One more beach pic

B and his milk
Sis and milk
B eating a french fry. he loved it but it must have wheat in it b/c he got a rash :(

Church dress

My thoughts on getting 3 kids and 2 adults ready for church

B dressed for church

Kyan sporting his sweater vest

Sissy insists on showing her belly :)


Mandy said...

I hope you guys had a great trip! I totally get the church gets me every time.:)

Tothblog said...

Looks like a great trip. I finally ventured to the grocery store with 2 kids. I can't imagine taking three!!