Wednesday, May 14, 2008

More bragging!!!

So, here's the brief progress report. Miss Nancy, our TIPS (TN infant and parents services) therapist comes every week. TIPS has a new name now, though I don't know what it is. Anyway, Miss Nancy works through the TEIS program-TN Early Intervention Program, that is run by the state. This program funds therapy for all qualifying children from birth-age 3. So all of this therapy (9 hours per week) is being paid for by the state. THANKFULLY. Otherwise, we run the risk of maxing out our insurance and being left with no coverage. So our tax dollars have made a huge difference in my children. THANK YOU TN taxpayers.

Anyway--Miss Nancy comes for 3 hours per week, and works with each of the kids on hitting appropriate milestones and mastering skills. Every 6 months she has to test for progress. This was testing week, and they are positively miserable test subjects as all 3 are sick with croupy colds. Nevertheless, the progress was amazing.

So far, I only have Kynsie & Kyan's speech progress reports, but their others and all of Braylen's will be forthcoming. So, I will update when I have them.

In the last 6 months, KYNSIE HAS MADE 12 MONTHS GAIN IN SPEECH! That's right, my little darling has made a year's worth of progress in 6 month's time. She is now at 24-26 months in her speech skills which is only a few months from on time.

KYAN HAS MADE 10 MONTHS GAIN IN SPEECH!!! YAY KYAN! Little Stinker has gained 10 months in speech skills in a 6 month period of time putting him also at 24 months in his speech skill level.

THIS IS HUGE! Many kids 'progress' in speech and other skills but if they progress 4 month's worth in 6 month's time, then they are really losing ground. In Kyan & Kynsie's case however, they are closing the gap, and catching up with their peers. THANK YOU LORD! GREAT NEWS!

Also-Miss Nancy told me today that she believes that by the time they are in kindergarten people might think "Oh, that child is a little sensitive." but she doesn't think they will have any sort of autism diagnosis. And we fully expect them to be mainstreamed in school.

We are by no means out of the woods yet, and there is much work left to do, but recovery from Autism is possible, and I can confidently say that our kids are on the road to recovery, and I am so,so,so very grateful.

Thank you for your prayers and support. Please keep them coming our way. It is working for our kids, and we are feeling very grateful!!


Tothblog said...

Great news! Praise the LORD for His work and for answering our prayers. Now we need to see some pics of how much they have grown!

a wandering heart said...

So glad to hear the fabulous news!!!

OKeedokey said...

So wonderful.
congrats kids!! Keep up the hard work!

Mandy said...

Sunny, that's awesome! I hope you guys are doing well! Kids are amazing!

Mandy said...

Sunny that's awesome! I hope you guys are doing well. Kids are amazing!