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I called the White House and left a comment with one of the Comment Operators, and she was AWESOME! I truly expected them to be a typical customer service person who doesn't give a rat's rear end about my opinion, but after I left the comment, she said "Thank you for the comment. I highly encourage you to write letters to your local congressmen, senators, and to the White House in addition to calling. Get as many agencies/groups/people involved in this as you can. The more that comes through via phone calls and letters, the more likely you are to see the change you want to see. The volume will help apply the pressure needed for change". Does that rock or what? So don't you know, I am gonna be writing letters during naps today!!


This was distributed from the National Autism Association. Like thousands of other concerned (read:infuriated parents) I will be ringing the phone of the White House tomorrow demanding change in the CDC. In spite of the recent court ruling, the CDC categorically denies that current vaccines with the current vaccine schedule are a danger to children. I seriously wonder how these people sleep at night.

Here's the info: Hope you'll join the fight.



Join Jenny McCarthy - call the White House on Monday!

Forwarded from the Age of Autism Blog -


By Jenny McCarthy

I’m asking all parents and autism groups to join me in demanding Julie Gerberding’s immediate resignation as Director of the CDC.

On Monday, March 10th, beginning at 9:00am Eastern Daylight Time, let’s all start calling the White House and ask President Bush & Laura Bush to demand Julie Gerberding’s resignation for incompetence during the autism epidemic.

The White House switchboard can be reached at:


Also, on the same day, please call your local Congressperson and Senators from your state and ask them to call for her resignation, too.

Julie Gerberding has led the CDC for 6 years during a time when the autism epidemic has only gotten worse. Despite tens of thousands of children who declined just like Hannah Poling, Ms. Gerberding stood before cameras yesterday defiant, cold, and defensive. Where is her humanity in the face of such tragedy? Why couldn’t she have said, “We at CDC want to make sure what happened to Hannah doesn’t happen to any other children, we want to make vaccines safe”?

Rather than listen to the heartbreaking stories of so many parents, you can be sure that Ms. Gerberding is spending her time right now trying to get the Spin Machine up and running to minimize, confuse, and deceive the American public.

The autism epidemic won’t end until we fix the vaccine schedule by reducing total vaccines, separating shots, waiting until our kids are older to begin shots, greening our vaccines, and screening for at-risk kids. Ms. Gerberding has stood by and watched self-interested parties more than triple our vaccine schedule and I’m certain her inactivity to help our kids will continue.

The chances of Ms. Gerberding taking the radical steps to reform the CDC and reform our vaccine schedule to make it kid-safe are zero! We need a new CDC Director who is an open-minded reformer and who recognizes that we are experiencing an epidemic of autism, which Ms. Gerberding has never publicly admitted.

Please, parents and national autism organizations, let’s all help make our voices heard on Monday.

Thank you,
Jenny McCarthy

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