Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Hi Friends.

As you know, 2 of our children are on the Autistic Spectrum. If you are following our blog, you are seeing a piece of our journey. As a result of this bitter trip, I have decided to start a website called

This website will be a place where parents can upload a photo of their child, and tell their child's story. My main goal is to help people see that these statistics represent real people, with real lives, and real loss. What does Autism look like? My site will help people answer that question.

I have purchased the domain name but have not yet gotten the site up and running. Today I came across this 'contest' at ideablob and I entered my idea there for a chance to win $10,000 to get my site and organization up and running. I know that none of us has a bunch of free time, but I ask you to go there and vote for my idea. I think you have to register, but that only takes a second, and then you can vote.

PLEASE forward this to everyone in your address book. This is a HUGE grassroots effort, and I can't do it by myself or with my tiny list of contacts.

I am going forward with this site/organization with or without the funding, but it sure would be nice to have a headstart like this.

My idea needs your vote. Please click here:
My Idea

Thank you in advance.



a wandering heart said...

Neat idea! Good luck!

gwendysue said...

Sunny, do you mind if I put your blog address on my blog? I had asked several people from Broadway to go to vote for your autism website and a lot of people have been asking about you and your family. I thought this way they could just see for themselves and chat if they wanted. Thanks, Wendy

Brando & Sunny said...

sure Wendy, go for it. :)