Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Happy Birthday to Braylen, Kyan & Kynsie! 11/06/07
We had the kids's party at Miss Barb's house again this year! Everyone had a great time.

All 3 at the table rating lunch.


Barb trying to convince Braylen that he likes icing. He tried it, but was not impressed.

Kynsie and Kyan letting me know that they do not appreciate cupcakes. They wanted apples. Yes, I am serious.

Grammy, Mommy, Kynsie & Grandad

Braylen & Miss Barb opening presents. He was the only one with even remote interest in opening, and that was short-lived. They just wanted to play.

Playing with his new animal flashlights.

Mommy & Kynsie
Unfortunately, she got a trip to Children's Hospital E.R. for her birthday. She had a fever all day and was pretty miserable.

Kynsie and Uncle Jonathan playing outside in the rocks.

Kyan outside

Braylen carrying his new Giraffe Pillow.

Cousin Curry playing with Braylen

Braylen gets help riding Miss Barb's roller coaster. Miss Patty is supervising.

Kynsie girl

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OKeedokey said...

Wow! happy birthday! I can't imagine the fun and frustration with having 3 two year olds! I hope Kynsie is feeling better.