Sunday, July 15, 2007

In Our New House....


Kynsie's First ponytail. I can't believe her hair is getting so long!


All 3 eating Breakfast at the New house:

Kyan loves his sand box! He really likes pouring the sand over his head, which makes bath time great FUN!

Braylen sliding in our new back yard!

Kynsie's Turn

Kyan's Turn

Braylen has officially made a new best friend...Grandad. During a recent visit, Grandad brought us dinner from Wendy's. He was eating French Fries and Braylen walked over and signed to him that he wanted one. I said "fine" b/c one time we had offered him a french fry and he was repulsed (to my great joy), so I figured there was no way he would eat it. Boy was I wrong. Apparently Grandad's fries were VERY tasty b/c Braylen kept coming back and signing "MORE" and he gobbled them up. He wouldn't leave Grandad's side. He kept laying his head on his lap and then signing more. Total Kiss-up! :) Here's a pic.

Kyan and Grandad

Kynsie found a new "chair" to rest in while drinking her nightly sippy & watching Baby Einstein.

Apparently my rump is pretty comfy. :)


Mindy said...

Apparently it is. :)

MoonNStarMommy said...

They are sooooooooo adorable!!

stephen lee cavness said...

those are some cute kids!