Saturday, January 13, 2007


Kyan with his Whoville hairdo.

Kynsie biting a toy & showing off her pouty look.


Kyan on the loose after he put the slip on Grammy when she was trying to change his diaper on the living room floor.

Braylen posing for G.Q.and then his water shots. :)

Kyan's cutie grin.

Kyan attempting to show off his CN shirt that our buddies gave them for their b-day, and then swingin with his cool hat on.

Braylen & Sissy just swinging the day away.

Kyan & Braylen checkin out Baby Einstein. *note, Braylen was in his C-N shirt at the beginning of the day for picture purposes, but he was on his 2nd of 3 shirts by the time I got the this pic taken. (he likes the feeling of the water from his sippy cup oozing out the corners of his mouth down his front until his shirt is soaked. It's a meal time ritual. 3 different shirts today.

Kynsie is taking a bite out of her toy.

Kyan is showing off his serious face.

This is Braylen's new favorite place to be. The toy box!

Braylen is wearing his C-N shirt in this one.

Kyan is still playing keep away from the buff! Note the blurry picture. He was on the move!

Love this one of Kynsie!

Braylen, a different day in the toy box.

Everyone watching Baby Einstein & Kynsie showing off her C-N shirt.


Addie said...

they are getting so big!

lauren said...

They are so adorable. As Hannah gets the hang of walking around, standing up without holding on to anything, etc.., I can't help but imagine how crazy (fun) it is with 3 toddlers!!!!
I get tired just thinking about it. :-)