Wednesday, September 27, 2006

wow how time changes. the weather is starting to turn cooler and it is starting to feel like fall. it is a great time of year. one other change that has been made in the Hall house is that the kiddos are starting to take baths in "the big tub"!!! no more ducky tub...

Kyan in his first "big boy" bath

Kynsie in her first "big girl" bath

"seriously mom, i'm in the bath tub. Put the camera away!"

"Wooo-Hooo. my first "big boy" bath

Are you still there?

Here are some other adorable pictures from the past week or so...

3 lil' angels

"honest mom...we're just playin"

"am i not supposed to?"

We have a puller-upper!!!

Do you not just want to eat me?


I wanted to put these seperate because they are of Kyan. Kyan when he eates likes to rub his mouth and then rub his hair. plus he really likes his solids...just look...

hope you all enjoyed this post. take care and more to come...

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Hilary said...

We've done a few "big boy" baths if we're visiting someone at bath time, but Malcolm seems so intent on his feet that it's hard to get his face out of the water. And he spends the entire time patting the water with his hands. He loves it, but it makes bathing difficult. It looks like your kids enjoyed the change. Isn't it weird to think about how much they've grown in the last 11 months?!