Tuesday, August 22, 2006


this past weekend, we had some visitors from Mississippi. My dad, mamaw allene, aunt teresa, aunt maxine and aunt sereda came to visit. This was the first time that my aunts had seen the kids, so they were so excited. They struck out from MS after work on friday and got to Knoxville around 3am Sat. morning. They ended up sitting down to eat at Loretta Lynn's kitchen, so they were delayed a little getting here. It really only takes about 6 hrs. to get from Baldwyn to Knoxville.
We had a blast. We played with the kids and we grilled out Saturday night. It was such a great time. We were so excited to see them. I am SOOO glad that they got to come. Here are some pics for you.

from l to r: Aunt Maxine, Aunt Teresa, Dad (Pops), Aunt Sereda, Mamaw Allene

Pops with Braylen, Kynsie, and Kyan

Poor Pops...he was tired...napping with Braylen

Aunt Sereda with Kyan...this is the only time that Kyan has allowed anyone to rock him to sleep (reckon he's comfortable??!!??)

Aunt Maxine with Kynsie

Mamaw Allene with Braylen

For some reason, we did not get a picture of Aunt Teresa with our camera...WE ARE SORRY!!!

the kids had a great time and were so good. they did not fuss one time. they did everything that they normally do. Hope you all had a great time to. We love you all.

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OKeedokey said...

Oh my GOODNESS! I haven't checked your blog in a little while and those pictures are SO adorable. I am so jealous. Do you know why? B/c your kids are a perfect mixture of you and Brandon. I seem to have the ability to clone little andrews. :)
What a beautiful family you guys have.