Sunday, August 06, 2006

hey guys...

guess what...the kids are now 9 months old!!! in the world is that possible. So, in honor of that i am going to post a LOT of pictures. hope that is ok...
peek-a-boo (Kynsie)

yogurt...good!! (Kyan)

good morning, mom!!! (Braylen)
hey...this block is tasty (note kynsie trying to take it!)
Kyan eating keys
morning Baby Einstein time
watching intently

hey...give me back my book

i said give it back
kynsie in the jumper
kyan in the jumper

Kyan...not happy!
Braylen after his first haircut!
"bow to the yogurt bowl!"

kyan and braylen
after morning "solids"
love those solids...

kynise and kyan playing...actually, Kynsie is playing and Kyan is crying!
kynsie and kyan playing 2
kynsie laughing
wait a minute...
kynsie passed out in an exer-saucer
braylen after last bottle


Susie at C-N said...

They are simply beautiful and look like such fun!

Addie said...

too cute for words!