Sunday, June 25, 2006

Granola Momma Changes

Hello. Im sorry it has taken too long for us to update. I will be adding some pics to this post. We have made some changes and have begun some new things here in the Hall household, and I thought I would share one of them. We are currently transitioning to cloth diapers. YES--I'm serious. These are not your momma's cloth diapers. There are lots of things that make this a much easier endevour (even for triplets) than you would think. I will be attaching a few links to this blog and to mine that give more information on cloth diapering. It saves money, helps prevent overfilling of landfills, and is great for babies with excema and other skin sensitivities. I'm posting some pictures of Kyan in his new diaper. I guess I am a closet granola mom. I'm making my kiddos baby food too, but that is another story another day. :)

The babies were Christened this past Sunday. I will be sure and post pictures from that day. We are very excited!


Mindy said...

so you switched to cloth...wonder if i had any part in this with referring you to Traci's blog???
you'll have to let me know how it's all working out when i see you this weekend.

gumonyershoe said...

yay!! Even though I'm far from having kids, I already know that I'm going to be very crunchy. Already have plans for cloth diapering (helps that I have a friend here who does it!) and stuff.

gumonyershoe said...

whoops gumonyershoe is Annaka from Carson-Newman. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sunny!
This is Holly Salmons, from UT Martin. I heard about your blog from Emily Doss. She has been keeping me up to date with your big big big news. Your babies are so very wonderful and it sounds like a huge blessing from God! I am so happy for you guys and would love to meet all three of them sometime. If you guys are ever in Nashville, give me a shout.

Anonymous said...

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