Thursday, April 27, 2006


Well, there was a day that I thought the babies' reflux would certainly be the death of me. Happily I discovered that indeed it is survivable, but I have now become convinced that teething will certainly accomplish with swift ease that which reflux simply could not. In short, 3 teething babies will do one of 2 things...kill me in an actual, physical sense or it will suck the little bit of brains that I have managed to salvage, right out of me. all 3 of them are teething!!!!

thought I had a long time to wait for this. Seriously, I didnt cut ANY teeth until after I was a year old. Yep, that's right you could french braid my hair and I didnt have a tooth in my head. But when I did it, I did it right cutting 5 teeth at once. What is with me and multiples??? :) I guess I wanted to impress my friends. HA! I digress. So back to the point of all this, they are all teething. We are going through orajel like nobody's business, and we just started teething tablets. Braylen of course is allergic to them. He is my worst teether at this point. We are using frozen pacis and frozen teether things, but Kynsie just turns up her nose and looks at me, like "how dare you put that in my mouth?"

So to say they are fussy is a bit of an understatement. AND--I have had them by myself for most of the last 3 days. I didnt get a shower until 6pm on Tuesday. EEEEEWWWW!

So we are going through Huggies at a clipping pace...lots of drool, lots of poop, lots of FUN! Dont ya want to come over???

Seriously, we are going to be getting their 6 month pictures next Wednesday! This is their first professional picture! I am very excited. AND, we are beginning to get them out in public. No walmart trips or church nursery visits anytime soon, but we are trying to make some outings other than doctor's visits and are introducing them to friends. We are still using hand sanitizer and asking others to do so, but things are much less strict. We have to expose them to germs, but I dont want to go from totally sterile, to cesspool of germs overnight. That isnt exactly fair to their immune systems. So we are taking this gradually so as not to overwhelm them, but by mid-summer I think we will feel more normal in that regard. I am hoping to take them to west TN in July to visit with my parents and my friends, and the folks who prayed so hard for us for so long. Well they are ready for cereal. Gotta run! More pictures soon!


Mindy said...

Oh, you poor thing! Wesley didn't start until he was about nine months old with the teething. Remember the fudge pop? :)

Sunny said... was frozen chocolate chip cookie dough. You know the kind that comes in a ball...sort of like a hockey puck? I was desperate and all of his teethers were thawed. Looking back, I am horrified that I gave him chocolate cookie dough. I thought I was in the clear b/c I gave him choc chip instead of macadamia nut cookie dough--that was my other option. Good grief!!

OKeedokey said...

Boy Sunny,
I'm sorry about the teething. It'll get better, kind of. One day, you won't have any more diapers or teething, BUT you'll have three little mouths that need their teeth brushed! but you won't have diapers! Can you even imagine?!?

Addie said...

wow, I know that must be tough - not to mention you probably have drool on everything.... it will get better though.... enjoy them now though while they really cant move b/c once they start walking & are still teething - oh goodness

Mindy said...

Oh yeah! Now I remember. Wish we had pictures of that.