Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A quick 'hello' from mommy

Kynsie just hanging out.
Braylen's new smile.
Kyan's new smile.
Kyan and Kynsie, not too happy to be sharing the play gym.

When I hear the word 'mommy' applied to me, I still do a double take sometimes. It's like a part of me forgets that I am now a mini-van driving, sweatsuit wearing, poop-cheering mommy. I mean seriously, who knew a poopy diaper could illicit such joy? And why do I no longer see the irony to jamming out to aerosmith in my chevy venture...(i only do this on those brief solo excursions). The babies have not been introduced to aerosmith...yet. Anyway... it seems that I have somehow joined these select club, the mommy club, and I love it. I remember too well the days when I believed that I would never hold a child of my own, and here I sit listening to Kyan purrr in his bouncy seat, watching Braylen stare at the fish mobile above his swing, while Brando gives Sissy (Kynsie) her bath. is so good that I sometimes don't quite know what to do with myself. It's almost wrong for someone to be so blessed. :)

While I have a bit of an audience, I want to say 'thank you'. So many of you have been such a great support to us during this pregnancy and new adventure and we are forever indebted to you. Thank you for your prayers. Our beautiful, healthy babies are a direct result of your faithful petitions on our behalf. We can never thank you enough. Thank you for putting us on prayer lists and remembering us each day. Also--several people have sent gifts, and I have done my best to write thank you notes. I confess that I am looking at a pile of them that are unaddressed. I wrote them 2 months ago, and still haven't sent them. SO--if you never get a thank you note, please know that we are grateful. We know that you certainly could have chosen to spend your money and your time on something other than us, so thank you for loving and thinking of us. Thank you for bringing us dinner and sending us cards. Thank you.

In the way of an update, the babies are doing well. Braylen now weighs 12 lbs. Kyan weighs 11 lbs. And Kynsie weighs 10 lbs 6 oz. All of them have learned to smile and coo and it is so precious. Somehow the exhaustion isn't quite as bad at 4am when a little pink gummy smile is staring back at you. They are all doing well. Nothing major to report. But 2 of the 3 are telling me it's time for them to eat, so I better get the pictures on here and get busy.

Love to all!



Addie said...

enjoy this part b/c it just flies by...

thanks for the update and pics!

OKeedokey said...

It's nice to hear from you mommy! I'm glad you are enjoying being a mommy. I love the updates on these precious babies. You're exactly right, it is hard to get too frustrated when they look at you with thier sweet smile! You look good! Keep Jammin!

stephen lee cavness said...

im glad everyone is doing well. its great to hear(read) the joy that is spilling over in your lives now.

congratulations again.