Sunday, January 08, 2006


well, here we are at 9 weeks old!!! can you believe it? it does not seem like our children should be 9 weeks old! man, time does fly! next thing you'll know they'll be asking to borrow the van!!

anyway, i wanted to ask you guys to keep praying for our little ones. they have been through a bunch of tests already and are in the hospital through the weekend for observation. they will be undergoing 2 more tests on monday morning which will require them to be put to sleep.

we are not looking forward to that, and would really appreicate your prayers. as of the last 3 days, they are better. they are still having acid problems, but are no longer projectile vomiting after each feeding. So we are hoping these tests will give us some options for the acid burning. it's just sad to see them in pain.

im sorry this is so brief. thank you for your friendship and prayers. more later!

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