Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Day 2

today was a pretty good day. Sunny is resting and getting a little better. she is still really swollen and there is a good deal of fluid, but that will go away in time. we had a little scare because her left calf was hurting tonight and the doctor thought that it might be a clot in her leg. BUT we got an ultrasound of her leg and found that it was only a cramp in her muscle!! so that was great news.
As for the kids, today they started light therapy for jaundice. this is pretty typical for premature babies and all. they will be under these for a couple of days. these pictures are of them resting with their very stylish sunglasses on!!! they are so big (for premies)!!! all the nurses are saying that they are doing very, very well. they are also commenting on their full heads of hair!!! Braylen's is getting a little bit lighter, but Kyan's and Kensie's arae dark. Also, I think Braylen will inherit his mom's curls, but that will be ok. i now know why everybody that has kids says that theirs is the cutest in the world, because ours are!!!

Kyan hanging out
Braylen hanging out (it's a hard life!)
Kynsie hanging out

i can't believe that we are the parents of 3 children. we are so not worthy of such a blessing, but God is so wonderful. he has blessed us tremendously with these three wonderful babies. they seem to get bigger every time that i see them. it's hard to be in the NICU with them because it's hard to decide who needs the most time!!! we try and hold them all the same amount of time. Today, was my first "father" experience...Braylen was crying and i walked over to him and put my hand on his back and said "hey bud, it's're ok" and just by hearing my voice, he stopped crying. WOW!!!! it is so weird the feeling that you have for someone so little. It is SO hard to believe that 2 days ago they were inside Sunny. WOW!! is now 1:45am so i better go get some sleep. i will try to update more at a later time.


Anonymous said...

they are absolutely too cute "hanging out". they are so spread out. i guess it was tight quarters in their last residence so they are taking advantage of the space. can't wait to see and hold them.

Maggie said...

Lauren was a little jaundiced, and I always thought it was so funny how they have the shades on under the sun lamp like they are tanning. hehe. You truly are blessed, they look wonderful.

Kelly said...

They are so precious! They have more hair on their heads than I had when I was 2 (Sunny knows the bean head story) I am still praying for all of you and can't wait to see you

Mandy said...

Braylen has Sunny's little mouth. I love it! They are so precious and I can't believe how well they are doing! God is so good. Keep me posted!