Monday, September 12, 2005 we are in week 24 and things are going well as far as we can tell. we go tomorrow for a growth ultrasound to measure the little ones and see how they are growing. here is the weekly picture...

sorry that this is a day late for those of you that check this weekly. i went to Mississippi this past weekend to visit my parents and see them and i got back sunday night about 7:30 and was dead tired from driving 6 hours and so i just rested and visited with my wife!!! so today i took her picture and here is the post!!! the strangest thing happened this past weekend though, i got a year older!!! strange how that sneaks up on you so fast.

sunny is starting to feel the kids move a lot more now and starting to feel one of them under her ribs!!! she has also starting eating more because the little ones are hungry a LOT!! i like it because i get to eat more to. however, i do keep the road hot back and forth to Kroger, but i don't mind.

well, i don't have anymore witty sayings or such so i will let this be it for now...will update tomorrow when we know more!

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Mindy said...

i think you look bigger in the pic than in person...but seeing you in person makes it more real.