Sunday, August 07, 2005

as promised...

here are pictures that i have promised for a while. pictures of the mom-to-be. and a cool ticker to count down the days...

week 14
week 16 (missed week 15)
week 17
week 18

as always, the camera sometimes doesn't work just quite right, but you guys can see the change in week to week from here. now i just have to get a scanner that was left on the curve to work so that i can scan the ultrasounds and you can see the babies to!!!
this is so cool now, i can update at anytime and can upload pictures from our camera into the computer and onto this blog!!!
tomorrow we are going to "think" about looking at mini vans. Sunny wants to test drive some before she can't fit into one...not that she is getting fat or goodness man...she's pregnant...WITH TRIPLETS!!!! ok, sorry for the side bar. anyway, things are going well, we had a dr.'s visit this week and everything checks out ok and all are fine and the heartbeats are where they should be. We go back Aug. 16th for a full ultrasound to check the little ones over again. thank you for your continued prayers. we are continuing to get ready for the future trio...we got a triple stroller this week from a mom in a triplets group and the thing looks like a canoe!!! really...i'll try and get a picture of it for you all to is really something else. so that makes a double and a triple stroller that we have. it is really unbelievable to think that in a few months that there will be 2 little brandons and 1 little sunny in the world.
we finally finished registering last weekend and when we got home and looked over the registry, we found that we had registered for a martini set at Target by accident (or was only knows!!!) well...i think that will be all for this post...i've got to find something else to put on here for later!!!!
keep checking up and see!!!


Greg & Katie said...

Brando -- The Blog looks awesome!! Good job! I love the pictures. Sunny is the cutest pregnant chick I've ever seen! -- KT

Brando said...

katie is such a good friend. i didn't even pay her to say that!!!

Kristy Krotzer said...

Oh my goodness! I absolutely love it! You are too cute! I hope all is well with the 5 of you and I will call soon to check up on you. It is the first week of school so things will be a little crazy... but I'll definitely talk to you soon!

Kristy Krotzer

Brando said...

kristy in the world are you doing? come back and visit often!!

Mindy said...

Cute, cute belly pics. brandon makes me laugh, sunny makes me tear up, then brandon makes me laugh again. Must be a regular Mon. I love you guys.