Monday, July 18, 2005

Hi from the Mommy...

Hello. Well, first...thanks for loving us enough to check out our blog...I just found out what a blog was a couple of weeks ago. ( i am a bit computer challenged) Anyway, I decided not to let Brando have all of the fun. I have a bit more computer access during the day, so you may hear from me a good bit in the days to come.

As far as an update goes, we should find out what we are having tomorrow...that is if our little ones cooperate. I'm not saying that I want 3 little exhibitionists, but tomorrow is not the day to be shy. :) We should also find out if their hearts, brains, and other organs are looking good, and if they are growing as they should be. excited as I am, I am nervous too. It's amazing. I never dreamed I could be so attached to someone I have never met. As always, we apreciate your prayers and support. I will be sure and give an update when I get back from the doctor tomorrow.

Sunny :)

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